Friday, 1 March 2013

As you all are aware My name is Carl Lane who Runs April's Page 
With A dedicated team of 20 admins.

Before Christmas I personally received an offer for April's page 
By a company Known as
They offered $4000 As soon as I said no there facebook was either closed or blocked me.
Today 1/3/13 I received another offer off another company known as Which they offered $200.

To Companies April's Page Is not for Sale really don't know how you Can Even ask
When it Involves a missing Little Girl That's Loved world Wide.

If we do Get any offers we will name and shame you April's Page is a dedicated page to 
April and Family and Will Remain that way.

Yes we are also supporting
As we do want to make a difference and Help others.


  1. They buy pages with so many likers so they can obtain as much information from people's profiles. Nothing more nothing less. Nothing to do with the fact that the page is to do with April Jones. Nothing sick about it either.
    Carl your Grammar could do with a little tweaking.....People might just then take your 'Blog' seriously.